What is Adorique?

Adorique – handmade ladies’ clothing brand. Versatile designs, deep colored fabrics and custom sizing for a pure comfort, for you to feel beautiful on each occasion.

Every piece of Adorique garment is handmade with love in Lithuania to help you feel more joy of life: from the first thought in the morning, when you decide how you want to feel today, till the last touch with the fingertips at night, when hanging your dress in the closet, smiling gently, because the day was perfect.

Today all the world is returning back to purity and true values together with you. Adorique is a choice of a wise, loving, happy woman. Like a cherry on a cake of your happiness.


Who am I?

I’m Lolita, founder of Adorique, handmade ladies’ clothing international on-line shop. I live and create in Old Europe, Lithuania – tiny, green country reminiscing rich history, with my beloved family. Adorique clothes was born in pursuance of authentic life, following heart and desire to spread the message of femininity through the essential part of each women’ life – the dress.

What is this place about?

It’s my emotional and physical journey from how I’ve decided to quit a highly paid top managerial job and started to create clothes for women like you and me, seeking to express femininity, looking for a balance and true values in life.

Here you can find my inner conversations, reasoning,  magic, inspirations, explorations and discoveries in creating dresses for women, practical advises, how-tos, step-by-steps, and much more. Here you will find mine and – I believe – recognize your heart, the heart of a true woman.